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Not Quite Software, But Designer Relevant! It's Fonts!

Font Fling is a little website I ran into over the weekend. It's a small, simple font-finding site with a clever set up that makes it easy to preview the fonts and skim through categories. Currently, all of the fonts on the site are free for commercial use, which certainly makes things easier. I've definitely bookmarked this little site.

Font Fling screenshot

As you can see in the screenshot, all of the navigation is on one page. The editable box on the right lets you type in any text that you want (or you can choose a dummy word or paragraph). In the top right-hand corner there's another couple of fun options for display: a List View and a Night View. List view lets you see multiple font versions of the same text and night view, as you may have guessed, takes you in to see a white text on a black background version.

The left-hand side of the page is where you can change your fonts--just move left and right through the little boxed options.

The top bar is for the different categories of fonts available: handwriting, serif, sans serif, calligraphic, display, script, monospace, blackletter, slab-serif, and typewriter. Choose one, and then go to the second bar, which gives you the name of the font you're currently viewing. If the font has a different style option, like Bold or Italics, it'll show up on the third bar. The last bar is for text size!

The site also includes a handy hotkey feature so that you can adjust size and tap through font options with your arrow keys.

And when you find a font you like, it also has a Download Font button!

That's all today, folks!


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